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I took a branding course with Carlos Bocai and Julia B. Aguiar this year. The main project was to create an identity for a curated playlist, called RASGA. It also had a final evaluation by Gabriela Namie, from Youtube Music.

This is a playlist of BregaFunk, a rhythm born in the favelas of northeast Brazil. Just like any sound created by people of color, it is considered vulgar and disposable by the elites while being massively consumed throughout the country. My idea was to elevate these artists to pantheon status, since we're making history right now, with them.


Branding, Playlist Covers, Social Media Posts & Stories, Advertising Posters.


Aprender Design



For the first time, we don't have to consume music that comes from the favelas in a sanitized way, reinterpreted or sampled by mainstream artists. That fact paired with the culture of dancing on the streets, being entirely committed to the rhythm and having fun with friends is at the essence of BregaFunk, that's why I chose the photos of Fernanda Liberti to illustrate the lifestyle and promote the playlist with these moments of playfulness. 

I also developed custom type to illustrate the music bars matched with the mysterious sound waves that make us want to move and dance and sing along to the lyrics. I loved developing this project, and it's my favorite one to date :)

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