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Trina Tino

I love Deep House music and always wanted to design an album for it. Then one day I saw these photos of two Kenyan men hanging out in the mountains, and that inspired me to create an album cover and some merch for this deep house duo I created in my head. 

Yes, this was a quarantine project.

Original photos by BRESTON


Album cover, Art direction, Typography


My self isolated brain




The cover plays with the notions of depth through layers of terrain, canyons and fields. I also made lines that mimic topographic patterns to overlay the earthy tones and add some psychedelic elements to the composition.

I wanted their music to be close to Blood Orange, Peggy Gou, and also be influenced the afrobeats of Fela Kuti. So the song titles folow the logic these three artists use to name their music - a mix of the real and the achievable with sensorial experiences and abstract feelings. 

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