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Wiseguy Pizza | Altani Gelato

Wiseguy Pizza is a fast-casual restaurant with three locations in Washington D.C. created by Nuri Erol, an entrepreneur with a love for great food. As he secured a lease for a new bigger space, there was an opportunity to inaugurate his new business venture, Altani Gelato and have both live in the same building at Navy Yard, an up-and-coming D.C. neighborhood.

Nuri hired Chelsea Chandler - his brand designer and strategist - to develop an interior design plan based on the branding guidelines she created for each of the brands. Chelsea decided to partner with me so she could have someone build the restaurant in 3D, develop design solutions that would improve flow, accessibility and make the space coherent with each brand, and render final solutions for client approval.

The restaurant has since gone through a successful soft-opening on October 2nd, 2018., and has been mentioned as a "decidedly design-inspired space" by Eater DC.


Environmental Design, Branded Interior Design


Wiseguy Pizza



Design sem nome (3).png


I was also part of illustrating the re-heating instructions on the new Wiseguy custom pizza boxes. This is a mock-up of the final design, made by Chelsea Chandler - of Lady January - and my illustrations.

Design sem nome (4)_edited_edited.png
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